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Venturato’s excellence meets the ‘coolest’ ingredients available, capable of delighting you with a mix of new flavors. Coffee, cream, cocoa, mint, ice…Having a sweet tooth is never a bad thing—with us, it translates into quality.

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Creative coffee.
Even the most sincere espresso lover, sometimes feels the need for a ‘variation on the theme’. For this reason, Venturato created ‘Shades of Black’, refined drinks prepared by extremely expert barmen who add the taste of discovery to the pleasure of the best coffee available.

‘Shades of Black’ is a collection of new recipes spotlighting coffee in constant evolution. Several drinks perfect for day time will soon be flanked by new options created by a famed international barman with an eye for evening enjoyment or after dinner sampling. Thanks to this initiative, Venturato hopes to bolster the success of barmen who are not content with just giving clients what they ask for, but who strive to offer new opportunities for consumption and relaxation.

To those who drink coffee to relax or to concentrate, for those whose blood circulates with ‘caffeine’, to those who only drink one cup, but it has to be excellent. To those who are convinced that coffee is good for them and who insist on only serving the best. For those who have always thought that without coffee the flavor of life would be somehow lacking. For those who go crazy for coffee and who’ve never betrayed it with so much as a cappuccino.

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